Purchase via Credit/Debit Card

1. Go to this page link

2. Enter the amount you need to buy (It converts automatically in BTC)

2.1 Click “Continue”

3.1 Paste this wallet 1FRQzaCiQkPFH6W3vfmxAx8fRwehU5mBCf

3.2 Click “Continue”

4.1 Enter your e-mail

4.2 Click “Сontinue”

5.1 Check your E-mail for the verification code.

5.2 Paste the verification code.

5.3 Read and agree with MoonPay’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

5.4 Click “Continue”

6.1 Enter your basic details (First name, Surname, Date of birth, Country)

6.2 Click “Сontinue”

7.1 Enter your billing address.

7.2 Click “Continue”

8.1 Answer some questions.

8.2 Click “Сontinue”

7.1 Verify your identity (It doesn’t take long, don’t worry)

7.2 Upload an identity document.

7.3 Continue verification on your phone.

8.1 Enter card details

8.2 Click “Сontinue”

9.1 Agree to MoonPay’s Terms of Use

9.2 Click “Buy now”

9.3 When your transaction is done, contact us through Live Chat in the bottom right corner or on Discord channel.